Some discussion resources for schools – Prepared for this exhibition by members of the organising committee

Ways of looking – A helpful guide to looking at pictures from the Tate Gallery

Praying with Art – By Sarah Middleton, a freelance Arts Manager and a Methodist Local Preacher.

Video commentaries -Tim Marlow, Artistic Director of the Royal Academy and others have recorded short personal reflections when the exhibition was at other venues.

The DVD: Creative Spirit (€15) – produced by the Trustees of the Collection – “a visual resource aimed at giving people confidence in contemplation” will be available during the exhibition.

Mentions of this Exhibition in the Press are included in the “Reactions / Have your say” page.

But what do you think?

We would like to hear about your reaction to the exhibition or even to an individual painting.  Please use the contact form on our “Reactions / Have your say” page.

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